Psalm 61 • For the Faint of Heart

There are times in life when the anguish we feel is so great and so overwhelming we find it hard to pray. It’s not that we have forgotten our love for the Lord or don't know where to turn when the waters rise. We just lack the strength and frame of mind to seek help when we need it the most. David is here to tell us how to pray when we can’t.

Psalm 42 • Hope in God

Psalm 42 describes a man of God who is severely depressed. When times are tough, we must cry out to the Lord in our distress. We cannot afford to remain silent. We must pray, but what else can we do? Psalm 42 and 43 tell us how to think and act while we wait for intervention.

Psalm 116 • Living Proof of Answered Prayer

Psalm 116 describes what it is like on the other side of extreme distress. This is a hope-giving psalm. It is a testimony intended to inspire and reinforce our faith in hard times. It reminds us that our God does answer prayer and it shows us what suffering under sovereignty looks like.

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